Best Luxury Hotel in Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills

Hip Hotel: Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


When you blend local design, customs, and cuisine with a knowledgeable staff and fantastic design, you discover a hotel that not only makes you feel perfectly at home but also enhances your experience of the destination. Andaz Toranomon Hills shines in all these areas making it the best luxury hotel in Tokyo, Japan.


Luxury Tokyo Hotel : Andaz Toranomon Hills Review


As you ascend to the Andaz Tokyo hotel lobby (housed in a 52- story skyscraper – the second tallest building in Tokyo), it feels as if you are heading to the moon, with unparalleled views over the city. Beautiful art is displayed throughout the luxury hotel. A standout piece is shown in the hotel lobby next to the elevator to the rooftop bar. It is a contemporary sculpture of 3 rabbits and a boulder that is inspired by a famous Japanese tale of a rabbit that lives on the moon. This playful combination is indicative of Andaz properties around the world, showcasing careful consideration to detail to promote the local culture through thoughtful design and cuisine.


Best Luxury Hotel In Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills Review View


While not exactly a small hotel, with 162 rooms, the attention to detail, and many cozy spots sprinkled throughout the property, successfully conveys the vibe of a Tokyo boutique hotel. The continuous use of natural materials such as washi paper and walnut within the hotel’s design reflects Japan’s cultural emphasis on beauty and purity of form. Designer Tony Chi prudently considers and hand-selects everything, from the books in each room to the Japanese pottery utilized for all dining, the art, and the mini bar snacks. This meticulous curation achieves the perfect balance of luxury and local styling.


Situated between Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace, the hotel offers stunning views from virtually every area, including the rooms, the rooftop bar, the dining area, the gym, and the spa. These vistas rank among the finest in Tokyo and should not be overlooked. Given its central Tokyo location, and close access to the Ginza Subway line, The Andaz Toranomon Hills is the ideal spot to stay, where guests can both energize themselves and unwind at ease. Service at this Tokyo hotel is outstanding. The Andaz hosts are gracious, always available to help with guest’s requests within this luxury hotel, and ready with local insider tips for a memorable Tokyo visit.


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The Rooms


Best Luxury Hotel In Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Room


The hotel accommodates all rooms in the outer area, ensuring that every room in the building offers a superb view, especially thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Each room includes a deep soaking tub, scented toiletries that change to harmonize with the season, and uniquely designed yukatas (a Japanese-style robe) and slippers, reflecting Japan’s bathing culture. To add to the luxurious experience, the room provides complimentary Japanese snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s these small touches that make each stay at the Andaz T HIlls Tokyo special.


Best Luxury Hotel Tokyo Japan Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Bathroom




At Andaz Tokyo, indulge in the finest culinary offerings of Japan, where locally sourced, fresh ingredients take center stage. The distinctive seasonal menus promise to add a dash of excitement to your dining adventure.


As the sun rises over Tokyo, The Tavern – Grill & Lounge welcomes guests for a decadent breakfast buffet 51 floors above the city. Indulge in a selection of breakfast favorites from the buffet counter, including fresh and seasonal dishes to fuel you for the day ahead. For the main dish, choose from freshly prepared hot items including pancakes, waffles, classic omelettes, or our restaurant’s signature Eggs Benedict, made-to-order and served at your table. With the morning light filling the dining room, enjoy a leisurely breakfast accompanied by panoramic views of the city below.


On the 52nd floor, the Rooftop Bar treats you to breathtaking nighttime panoramas of Tokyo, accompanied by innovative cocktails that showcase premium teas and seasonal fruits. Meanwhile, the SUSHI restaurant offers a traditional omakase dining experience in an intimate setting.


Best Luxury Hotel Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Sushi


In the heart of the hotel, The Tavern – Grill & Lounge, the spotlight turns to premium grilled snow-aged Wagyu and a selection of other delectable meats.


Of course, in-room dining is available around the clock. You can savor a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a personalized selection from the premium wines chosen by the sommelier in the comfort of your suite or room.


And don’t forget to explore the array of sweets and pastries at the Pasty Shop on the 1st floor – a delightful ending to your culinary journey at Andaz Tokyo.





Best Luxury Hotel In Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Spa


The giant 20-meter indoor pool is the centerpiece of the spa and overlooks the gardens of the imperial palace. Furthermore, you can relax in a unique carbonated bath and whirlpool. A wide variety of treatments that rotate to reflect the season are available in five private spa rooms.


The “Blend Bar” stands out as one of the coolest features in the beautifully designed AO Spa. Here you can have a personalized consultation with a beauty therapist that will blend products specially designed for you incorporating seasonal, and local elements.


Work up a sweat in the gym complete with a full range of advanced fitness equipment. Personal trainers and workout classes are available upon request.



The Best Rooftop Bar in Tokyo


Best Luxury Hotel In Tokyo Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Rooftop Bar


Perched atop the towering heights, the Andaz Tokyo in Toranomon Hills boasts an extraordinary late-night venue on its 52nd floor, simply known as the “Rooftop Bar.”


This lofty haven is among the best rooftop bars in Tokyo, featuring a refined semi open-air terrace that envelops you in breathtaking vistas of the cityscape, Tokyo Bay, Odaiba, and the iconic Rainbow Bridge.


Best Luxury Hotel In Toky Andaz Toranomon Hills Review Rooftop Drinks


Elevated both in altitude and in its offerings, here, you can savor innovative cocktails infused with Japanese flair, meticulously crafted around seasonal fruits. Alternatively, choose from a diverse array of sake, champagne, and premium spirits. The menu also tempts with a delightful selection of bar bites, ranging from sushi to mini burgers.


Meticulously designed, this Tokyo Rooftop Bar offers an unforgettable late-night experience. It strikes the perfect balance between a laid-back atmosphere and a chic, vibrant ambiance. Revel in drinks expertly concocted by award-winning bartenders while soaking in premium views of a glistening Tokyo. On most nights, live DJs will be your sonic guides, ensuring a memorable soundtrack to accompany your evening.



Even if you are unable to stay at the Andaz T Hills, a trip to the rooftop bar for cocktails, or afternoon tea at The Tavern – Grill & Lounge is highly recommended. Spa services are also available by reservation. The views, service, and food at this Tokyo luxury hotel are sure to dazzle for guests and non-guests alike.


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